How To: Protect Yourself and Your Mobile Device from Phishing ? What is Phishing

Every step of the way, we are exposed to the risk of data hacking on computer devices or mobile gadgets. Most online attacks are accompanied by phishing actions to steal passwords, conduct fraudulent transactions, and deceive maneuvers to introduce malicious software into user messages. According to official resources statistics, in 2016, 93 percent of phishing […]

What is SSL Certificate ✔️ and Secure Internet | Your Connection is Secure or NOT

When you open any website, the browser tells you that something is “Not protected.” Some people think that such pages are fulfilled with viruses and that staying on them is dangerous. In fact, it`s not so bad as you think – the website simply does not have an SSL Certificate. We are going to find […]

What are The Hosting Services: Dedicated Server, VPS, KVM, VDS and other buzzwords

Each website on the Internet stores its main files on the hosting – a special repository for web pages. It is time to talk about this technology in detail. It will be useful for those who want to make many different sites. What are The Differences Between Hosting Companies Any site needs to be stored […]

How To: Delete a Gmail Account | Delete All Emails on Gmail

To delete a Gmail account, the individual should first have one and have the ability to log in without complication. If the person cannot log into Gmail, Google provides options to get into the account through recover password areas. Another email such as Yahoo or Hotmail can acquire the next emails for the recovery option. […]

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