How To Secure the Internet of Things – IoT Security Issues

Internet technologies are developing rapidly, and not even all people are keeping up with them, especially when it comes to innovations and innovations that can make life easier, easier and more accessible. For example, without knowing it, everyone can be hacked through a personal computer or smartphone. But with the help of a quality and […]

How Can Your Password Be Compromised – How Can Passwords Be Stolen By Hackers

Hacking users’ personal passwords is a very common phenomenon. You never know when you will fall victim to scammers and hackers who want to get to your data by cracking passwords from social networks, email, online banking, and even Wi-Fi. In most cases, this is because PC and WAN users in particular do not follow […]

9 Great Things You Can Do with a Home Server – What Can You Do with a Home Server

Starting your own server at home can be cheap and requires only basic command line knowledge. The old laptop can be converted to a server without any physical modifications, and even a modest computer from the store can easily run all of the applications listed below. Should you run you own server and what can […]

How To: Change Password on Computer ? How To Put Password on Windows and BIOS

Every modern user has a personal computer or laptop at his disposal. The advantage of the latter is its mobility, as there is no binding to one place in the office or at home, you can take the device for a walk or to conduct business activities, sitting in a cafe. However, the mobility of […]

How To: Protect Yourself and Your Mobile Device from Phishing ? What is Phishing

Every step of the way, we are exposed to the risk of data hacking on computer devices or mobile gadgets. Most online attacks are accompanied by phishing actions to steal passwords, conduct fraudulent transactions, and deceive maneuvers to introduce malicious software into user messages. According to official resources statistics, in 2016, 93 percent of phishing […]

How To: Delete a Gmail Account | Delete All Emails on Gmail

To delete a Gmail account, the individual should first have one and have the ability to log in without complication. If the person cannot log into Gmail, Google provides options to get into the account through recover password areas. Another email such as Yahoo or Hotmail can acquire the next emails for the recovery option. […]

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