How To: Delete a Gmail Account | Delete All Emails on Gmail

To delete a Gmail account, the individual should first have one and have the ability to log in without complication. If the person cannot log into Gmail, Google provides options to get into the account through recover password areas. Another email such as Yahoo or Hotmail can acquire the next emails for the recovery option. However, if the user still cannot log into the account, he or she can request support from the helpful customer support agents of Google. Once able to get into the account, the individual will have some steps to delete the account permanently.

If You Delete Gmail, What Will Happen?

Deleting a Gmail account is a permanent way to close the Gmail account. This action will also completely delete all emails and close the account without a reversal of this option. The person cannot check Gmail again, will not have mail on a phone, access to links such as YouTube, Microsoft files or downloads in the account. Any previous filter is gone, the person will not have any image left and creating a new Gmail may become more difficult without previous access. However, the user can still use Outlook and other email accounts. Remove the Google account, and the user will lose everything in it.

How to Quickly Delete Your Gmail Account Permanently

To quickly delete a Gmail account from the computer, the user will need to first have access to the internet. A browser such as Google Chrome is necessary. This step is first, and then the login is next after putting in URL in the address bar. From the My Account page, the user can then click Delete your account or services. Click delete services and then login again. The user then clicks on the trash can and the next page clicks on REMOVE GMAIL. The last page appears and then click on “Ok, got it”. An email confirmation is sent. Click on the link and then sign in again to answer the delete option. The last step is to click the confirm button.

Delete Google Gmail Account on iOS

The user may need to learn how to delete a Gmail account for the iPhone. Deleting the account for Apple is possible with these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Go to Mail, Contacts, Calendar and tap on the Gmail Account next
  • Tap on the Account then Advanced
  • Tap on Deleted Mailbox under the heading
  • Tap on Account and then Done to ensure the account deletes

Selecting this option also provides an Archive for mail. Open the Gmail account to accomplish this. Learning how to delete the Gmail account on the phone is important when it is no longer needed.

Delete Google Gmail Account on Android

Next is learning how to delete the google account for mail on the Android phone. Options are generally the same for 2019, 2018 and older apps. The following steps are how to delete Gmail:

  • Open Settings through a browser and in the Gmail account
  • Tap Accounts next
  • Tap Accounts once again
  • Tap the Gmail account to remove and ensure it is the right one
  • Confirm this again with a tap on REMOVE ACCOUNT which will provide the delete option

The user can remove the icon on the phone by holding it down and dragging it to the trashcan, but this option does not delete the account. Only a manual deletion is possible with email accounts.

Conclusion: Your Privacy

The user can use tips online to enter into the delete steps. Comment boxes in docs and in email can also provide support. Filtered inbox messages, titled pages can explain how to delete these accounts. Flag emails are usually important to keep. Additionally, the user can increase privacy by installing a virtual private network through NordVPN. This service can provide privacy through anonymous browsing and support to change settings. The VPN can increase privacy through screens to internet traffic. If the user is unaware of how to use and what is a VPN, he or she can contact support for additional details, tips and tricks on how to incorporate the program with a computer, on a phone or other electronic device. With one account, the user can add the NordVPNservice to multiple electronic devices.

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