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What is a Proxy Server – Main Features | When you need an Anonymous Proxy and when you need a VPN

Despite the fact that each of us uses the services of providers and has access to the Internet every day, many things and definitions remain, so to speak, behind the scenes, beyond our sight and understanding. However, many things need to be known as they are useful and important to everyday Internet users. In this […]

Peer to Peer Network – Efficient and Fast File Sharing System

Information exchange between people is a normal phenomenon in modern society, and even an integral element of it. We transmit information and data in various ways through the use of the Internet and various related technologies. For example, send an email, download a new song or clip from the Internet, launch a new program or […]

The Fastest and Most Secure Web Browser- TOP 2020

Each year, cybercrime is becoming more active and poses a serious security challenge. Computer users are faced with an urgent question – which browser to choose, so that it combines high security and protection, as well as reliability while surfing the Internet. Such key factors should be considered when choosing a program: level of protection; […]

TOR Browser – How to Install and Use Tor Browser and What is Tor Browser Used For

Everyone who owns a personal computer and free access to the Internet is surfing the Internet every day. In doing so, sites and providers collect information about users based on the data that enters the network – that is, we leave traces of our presence there. This is always a risk, as not only may […]

The Best and Most Secure Messaging Apps for Mobile Devices – TOP 2020

The SMS service has lost its relevance long ago, when special messaging programs came to replace it, which do not require additional financial expenses. These applications allow you to create your own profile with a photo and contact information, as well as not only send text messages to your friends, but also make calls, arrange […]

What is SSL Certificate ✔️ and Secure Internet | Your Connection is Secure or NOT

When you open any website, the browser tells you that something is “Not protected.” Some people think that such pages are fulfilled with viruses and that staying on them is dangerous. In fact, it`s not so bad as you think – the website simply does not have an SSL Certificate. We are going to find […]

What are The Hosting Services: Dedicated Server, VPS, KVM, VDS and other buzzwords

Each website on the Internet stores its main files on the hosting – a special repository for web pages. It is time to talk about this technology in detail. It will be useful for those who want to make many different sites. What are The Differences Between Hosting Companies Any site needs to be stored […]

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