VPN Germany The Best VPNs for Germany in 2024

Germany is part of the “Fourteen Eyes”, a group of countries that have signed an agreement on the exchange of information that violates privacy. A large part of their information exchange is people’s online activities. Germans must be aware that their Internet surfing, who they notify and what forums they use, can easily be intercepted by ISP’s servers reporting directly to the government. The same goes for hackers and other people who might be interested in collecting your personal information. That’s why using the best VPN is so important.

To protect your privacy and the privacy of the people you communicate with, it’s important to invest in your cybersecurity knowledge, like CyberSecureFox, and in the best VPN service, not their free counterparts. A VPN is no longer a tool used by computer engineers or hackers to bypass surveillance. In today’s world, your data is valuable. Millions of Germans fall victim when their data is stolen, their identities are sold online, and even the government shares their personal information with other governments. So it’s clear that you don’t just need a VPN, you need the best one!

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How to choose the best German VPN

When selecting the best VPN services in German, it is important that the VPN covers some basic needs. These include strong security, a robust, clear and comprehensive privacy policy, high-end encryption in a region that is not part of the Fourteen Eyes, and above all, it should be easy to use.

The best VPN in Germany must also have a large selection of highly secure yet fast servers. The faster the servers, the lower the latency and therefore the higher the speed, which makes streaming and downloading content less frustrating.

It will be an additional plus if the VPN supports multiple operating systems, e.g. iOS, macOS, Windows, Android and Linux. Plus, it is able to establish multiple simultaneous connections, which means that it can be used by most devices that people own without having to pay for another subscription.

Germans mainly want a VPN service that is cheap. The cheaper service with all the above bells and whistles, the better!

Why use a VPN in German?

As already mentioned, the most important reason for using a VPN in German is to bypass surveillance and enforce privacy. Even if you do not participate in illegal online activities, there is always the possibility that your passwords, e-mails and various other aspects of your online activities will be logged. Plus, if the government can log and record your online activities, then so can hackers, advertisers and so many others with worse intentions.

Another, perhaps less serious, reason to use a German-language VPN service for online activities is to access content that is otherwise unavailable in the country. For example, Germans can connect to the Google America server and access American Netflix shows or stream Hulu. They will also be able to connect to servers in the UK and stream British shows. The possibilities offered by a VPN are almost unlimited in this respect.

Are VPNs legal in German?

Yes, VPN services are completely legal to use in German, but finding the best service, as we discovered during the review, can be difficult. However, the use of VPNs in German is only allowed for legal online activity in the country. Although the law does not exclusively cover VPN use, but the legal activities would be to cover your tracks if you do online banking, send a business email or even watch YouTube videos.

Some privacy commissioners and Internet experts have argued that the use of VPNs, such as Access American TV, could technically be a copyright violation. These persons could be prosecuted in the USA. However, the majority of experts believe that simply violating the terms and conditions of a website or service is not enough to justify an investigation into the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. This means that if, as a Canadian, you connect to a US VPN and access Netflix America content while paying for it, you may be in violation of the Terms and Conditions, but it is not an infringement.

A VPN service user who streams Netflix or Google cannot be classified in the same category as someone who accesses child pornography or sells and buys drugs online. Violating the law, whether or not you use a VPN, will result in criminal proceedings without protecting your privacy.

VPNs that Germans should avoid

Now that we’ve covered the best VPN services, it’s time to talk about the worst. In general, we strongly advise Germans to avoid so-called “free VPN”. These free VPN services are free for a certain reason, and the reason is in most cases that they collect your personal data and sell it to third parties. Also note the fact that many of these VPNs are not secure. Most do not support OpenVPN and other advanced encryption algorithms. Also, free VPNs have very few servers, and there are data caps with waiting times associated with usage.

Germans should also avoid the following types of VPN services:

  • One that doesn’t have a comprehensive and clear privacy statement.
  • VPNs that do not support OpenVPN.
  • VPNs that offer price models that are difficult to understand or those that do not disclose what they charge.
  • VPNs that do not support multiple connections and have data caps.
  • VPNs that do not have an automatic “kill switch” function to prevent data leaks.

The best way to be sure that you can use a high-quality VPN service is to adhere to one of the five standards we recommend in this article. We have researched and executed the figures to ensure that they are the very best choice in German. Also, avoid free VPNs.

Download torrents in German

While downloading torrents in German is not illegal, the fact that so much copyrighted material is available for download is alarming for the government. So, there is nothing to stop you from downloading content, but once you download copyrighted content such as movies, shows, software, etc., you will be punished with copyright infringement.

While almost every best Canadian VPN we mentioned above can download online torrents, they should not be used to download illegal content. Many VPNs support dedicated P2P servers, which speed up the downloading of torrent website content. However, if you download copyrighted or prohibited material from these servers, you may be subject to prosecution. A good VPN service would make your online activities anonymous, but there are other ways for law enforcement to investigate illegal activities online. Click here to see the best VPN for downloading torrents.

Internet monitoring in the German language

Edward Snowden revealed as early as 2015 that German was among many countries actively spying on the online activities of their own citizens. Internet surveillance, according to the notorious leak detector, was not only real but also invaded the privacy of all Germans. Although this is done under the guise of national security.

The CBC later reported that Germany was responsible, among other things, for a government team using security vulnerabilities in various online applications such as web browsers to collect information. Hundreds, if not millions, of people, are affected by these hacks. The hackers employed by the government, instead of reporting these vulnerabilities to software developers, used the vulnerabilities to eavesdrop on people.

UC Browser was among those mentioned by Snowden that leaked personal information used by the Canadian government to use online privacy rights. Information such as the identity of users, their location data and communication activities were easily accessible to network operators, telecommunications companies and various other authorities.

The Canadian public, as well as other countries, has long been told that sacrificing some of their privacy is a worthy compromise for greater security. However, since it is not possible to protect the privacy of more than 500 million mobile users, the Fourteen Eyes have sent a message to the public that they must sacrifice everything for security.

Interestingly, Canadian authorities charged with detecting and repairing online security threats do not believe that protecting the individual’s right to security is their job. When such statements are made, it’s clear that any Canadian who has to take care of himself must do so.

The best VPNs in Germany can help users ensure their security and at the same time ensure that their online activities are virtually invisible to all surveillance officers. That’s why it’s so important for Germans to use a premium VPN service with solid privacy. Nowadays a VPN doesn’t cost much, but it certainly helps to save people from a lot of embarrassment, especially when hacked data leaks or is shared with other authorities.


VPN providers on the Internet and their servers, even the best there are, along with the encryption are not perfect for data protection. No software or system is there in this regard. Although they help to create a pretty tough network barrier against those who deal with mass surveillance. Sure, the government has supercomputers and highly talented hackers, but would they use this kind of resource to spy on you? Not if they’re not sure there’s something worth finding. In a way, these tools, i.e. the best VPN service, help act as a deterrent by ensuring that your data is not an easy decision.